Global Expertise


Think Local. Leverage Global.

Every day RATP Dev strives to innovate for smarter, more sustainable cities by designing, operating and maintaining networks for our passengers. RATP Dev is passionate and determined to create a high-quality service, across all modes of transit.   


Founded in Paris nearly 120 years ago, RATP Dev’s first Metro line crossed the French Capital and opened for the Paris World Fair on July 19, 1900 after eighteen months of construction.  Today, RATP Group is one of the world’s largest providers of transit.  RATP Dev, a wholly owned subsidiary of RATP Group, offers services to urban networks in 14 countries, including North America.

RATP Dev has a legacy of successfully managing and operating transit systems throughout the U.S. since 1972, and today supports 40 cities and communities throughout North America. As one of the world’s largest multi-modal urban public transit operators, RATP Dev connects transit agencies—and their riders—with the global expertise needed to provide an excellent passenger experience—from on-time performance to electric buses to sophisticated safety programs to ensure the security of the communities and riders we carry.