Think Local,
Leverage Global.

Every day RATP Dev strives to innovate for smarter, more sustainable cities by designing, operating and maintaining networks for our passengers. RATP Dev is passionate and determined to create a high-quality service, across all modes of transit.   

Founded in Paris nearly 120 years ago, RATP Dev’s first Metro line crossed the French Capital and opened for the Paris World Fair on July 19, 1900 after eighteen months of construction.  Today, RATP Group is one of the world’s largest providers of transit.  RATP Dev, a wholly owned subsidiary of RATP Group, offers services to urban networks in 14 countries, including North America. 

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Our History

RATP Dev has a legacy of successfully managing and operating transit systems throughout the U.S. since 1972, and today supports 40 cities and communities throughout North America. As one of the world’s largest multi-modal urban public transit operators, RATP Dev connects transit agencies—and their riders—with the global expertise needed to provide an excellent passenger experience—from on-time performance to electric buses to sophisticated safety programs to ensure the security of the communities and riders we carry.

A Note from Our Leaders

Unwavering Commitment to Clients


First and foremost, RATP Dev serves our clients and people. All that we do starts with our strong commitment to core services in North America, in bus, rail, streetcar, paratransit, and demand response transit and the passengers who ride these services each and every day. A client’s trust is the most important quality of our partnership.

As a wholly owned subsidiary RATP Group we look to our colleagues in Paris and across the globe, to help expand services in North America. As a result, we have gained expertise in managing some of the world’s largest and most advanced public transit networks – specifically expertise in operations, management, electric buses, autonomous vehicles, rideshare program, and transit technology.

Thank you to clients who have grown with us as we recently unified our brands under the RATP Dev name as a culmination of the organization’s strategic growth plan. We will continue to have an expanded focus on Safety & Security and Product Innovation in both the rail and bus services divisions. To new and prospective clients, welcome. The ride only gets better from here.

Supporting Transportation to Bring us Together


How can quality of life and the experience of living in a city be measured? First and foremost by the city’s services. Transportation systems are the heart and soul of a city. They have to be safe, effective, practical, and reliable.

Our mission is not only to develop and optimize public transit systems, but also to boost the economy and quality of life, in order to make distances feel shorter and bring people together. 

At RATP Dev, we are also blazing the trail for smart cities. We envision places where mobility and digital technologies merge smoothly, quickly, and simply.

Our more than 16,300 employees take pride in serving both passengers and transit authorities, who look to us every year. We are passionate and innovative, and we continue to make advancements. 

Your future. Our destination.


Leadership Team


Sandy Freeman

Vice President, Innovation & Product Delivery
Sandy Freeman brings 23 years of experience as a Senior Innovation Delivery Leader. She has an established history for developing and delivering forward thinking strategies, and building strong partnerships to advance the right products and technologies for complex environments. Sandy is a seasoned product development professional skilled in Business Development, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Requirements, and Product Strategy.


Matt Booterbaugh

Vice President, Continuous Improvement
Matt Booterbaugh is a results-oriented operations leader who focuses on generating outstanding business results through investing equally in people and operational improvement. Matt leads RATP Dev USA’s Going for Excellence (GFE) program. The GFE methodology dictates continual refinement of processes, elimination waste, seeking of best practices, enhancing work environments and creating sustainable standards across the organization and our Clients.


Mike Anderson

Vice President, Safety & Security
Mike Anderson leads all of RATP Dev North America’s bus and rail safety and security initiatives, and continues to bring standardized models of excellence to all of the organization’s locations of operation. Based in Fort Worth, TX, Mike is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS) across our network of transit systems in North America.


Patty Fritz

Vice President, Human Resources
Patty Fritz brings 25 years of multi-unit and cross-industry HR leadership experience from distribution and manufacturing to service and retail. She drives excellence in service delivery for RATP Dev North America through strong business relationships built on trust, integrity, and respect. Patty has a passion for talent development and has thus created Grow Our Own (GOO). GOO is a company-wide program that aims to increase the transit candidacy pool through early introduction to the transit industry through mentorship and apprenticeship programs, and focuses on the career development of current RATP Dev employees.


 Steve Bethel

Vice President, RATP Dev North America Rail
Steve Bethel currently oversees operations and maintenance for Sun Link, the Tucson Streetcar, a federally-funded system, in addition to the D.C. Streetcar. Steve has worked on the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit System in Minneapolis, the Valley Metro light rail system in Phoenix and the Central Link light rail in Seattle.


Robert Smith

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Robert Smith leads RATP Dev business development working closely with RATP Dev key clients across the United States. Robert joined RATP Dev after serving as the Chief Transit Officer of the Chicago Transit Authority, where he directed operations for the nation’s second largest transit agency. Prior to his work in Chicago, Robert was the CEO of the Maryland Transit Authority in Baltimore.


Russ Tieskoetter

Chief Operating Officer
With over 22 years of experience in the transit industry, Russ Tieskoetter has partnered with public and private transit agencies, as well as school systems - providing safe, effective, and reliable transit and paratransit services. Most recently, Russ served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for MV Transportation.  Prior to his career in the transportation industry, Russ served as a Captain in the US Army. 


Brad "Brick" Conners

Regional Vice President, Roadrunner
Brick Conners, Regional Vice President, Roadrunner, joins RATP Dev USA in a key leadership position from the recently acquired private transportation firm Roadrunner Shuttle.  Brick leverages his 27 years of fighter pilot experience in the US Navy, with his corporate expertise as the CEO of Roadrunner Shuttle. During his tenure at Roadrunner, Brick developed extraordinary talent and enhanced performance levels. He brings a proven track record of developing best in class training and maintenance programs to RATP Dev, and is a firm believer in establishing aggressive risk management and continuous improvement.