Let’s Build Mobility

The future of innovation lies in the technology that connects passengers, operators, and applications to coordinate safe, sustainable, and efficient transit methods for the passenger’s journey, from first to last mile. But why wait?  The future is now.

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RATP Dev sees transit as one interconnected system. By providing intersections and opportunities to move from one mode of transit to the next seamlessly, reaching any destination is possible for any passenger.


Integrated Mobility

RATP Dev believes the passenger experience begins long before boarding, and ends long after their departure from the transit system. Providing a portfolio of innovative technology to support a passenger’s journey before, during and after the ride, enables a constant connection between passengers, operators, and everyday life. 

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Innovations developed by RATP Dev’s Technical Support and Innovation Team continuously encourage innovation to address the needs of clients. This team sponsors the Innov&Go Challenge where all of RATP Dev’s global transit systems are encouraged to submit innovative ideas for review. If successful, the initiative is put in to action at the agency and shared across the organization to promote similar initiatives or inspire others. 


Introducing Emerging Technologies


Autonomous Vehicle in Austin, TX

RATP Dev partnered with Capital Metro and The University of Texas-Austin (UT Austin) in March 2017 to introduce Austin to an autonomous shuttle—the EasyMile EZ10—during the SXSW Festival.

RATP Dev helps the City of Bloomington,
In “Fast Forward”