Let’s Build Mobility

The future of innovation lies in the technology and resources that connect passengers and operators to coordinate safe, sustainable, and efficient modes of transit. Introducing Orbyt, RATP Dev's technology and innovation framework.


Orbyt is a proactive approach to innovative business development, by partnering and investing in the right start ups, tools, and technology to advance services with industry demand, or even ahead of it.

Orbyt focuses on four key areas that drive the development of an innovative strategy to advance your goals.

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Each focus area represents the scope in which we formulate innovative solutions for current or future challenges, to integrate the rider and operator journey as one connected experience. Orbyt links these focus areas to a methodical timeline: before, during, and after the journey. 

This strategy leverages information gained through relationships and experiences built over the course of 45+ years in the United States alone, in addition to global expertise honed from our global parent company and subsidiaries.

Our team recognizes the increasing availability of constant information, untapped resources, big data sharing, and the expansion of technological capabilities, and is solely dedicated to your improvement through a consultative approach.

Navigate your next challenge with Orbyt.

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Innovations developed by RATP Dev’s Technical Support and Innovation Team continuously encourage innovation to address the needs of clients. This team sponsors the Innov&Go Challenge where all of RATP Dev’s global transit systems are encouraged to submit innovative ideas for review. If successful, the initiative is put in to action at the agency and shared across the organization to promote similar initiatives or inspire others. 

The Innov&Go Challenge begins each Spring. In March of 2018 the third edition of the Innov&Go Challenge was launched. Keep your eye out for winning innovations hitting the marketing in January 2018 in the following areas: Organization, Performance and Productivity, Social, Societal and Environmental Responsibility, Technique, and Customer Service.


Introducing Emerging Technologies


Autonomous Vehicle in Austin, TX

RATP Dev partnered with Capital Metro and The University of Texas-Austin (UT Austin) in March 2017 to introduce Austin to an autonomous shuttle—the EasyMile EZ10—during the SXSW Festival.

RATP Dev helps the City of Bloomington, In “Fast Forward”

Envision the future of transit with the Bloomington community, as they implement the first battery-electric autonomous bus. See how far they’ve come, from the first horseless carriage built in 1895, to soy-biodiesel buses, hybrid electric buses, and now, Autonomous Vehicles.