RATP Dev has over 60 years of rail history with successful client relationships with clients in 15 countries with success built on three fundamental principles:

·       Provide safe and secure service

·       Ensure reliability

·       Be customer-focused.


RATP Dev has more than two decades of similar experience in providing safe, cost-effective, efficient light rail service delivery, maintenance, customer service and innovation as demonstrated in Paris, Manchester, Casablanca, Tucson and Washington, D.C.


RATP Dev brings its international expertise in communicating the value of its clients' systems to communities where such systems never existed before as well as established systems.

RATP Dev leverages our U.S. and international experience with mixed­traffic, light rail and streetcar operations to provide expert corporate resources in support of the delivery of safe and reliable service for our clients. In addition, RATP Dev has significant U.S. technical experts to support our local team during Phase 1 and 2 activities, including but not limited to design and construction review, vehicles and systems integrated testing and the development of operating plans and procedures.