Operating more than 2,000 buses and coaches in North America, RATP Dev services more than 37 cities across North America, providing safe and efficient service to ensure the best passenger experience. 




Fixed Route Bus

RATP Dev has provided superior Fixed Route Bus Services for more than four decades in North America.  From starting a new service to implementing multi-year strategic plans, RATP Dev helps you get where you want to go.

Fixed Route Bus Services   

Fixed Route Bus Services



Passengers of RATP Dev bus networks receive real-time service updates, access to interactive journey planners and a wealth of communication regarding schedules and necessary updates. We believe it is imperative to keep customer’s informed and as a result, satisfaction levels high. RATP Dev actively learns and utilizes new, modern technology to connect passengers and operators to plan each passenger journey from first mile to last mile. 



RATP Dev will always keep you ahead of schedule. Comprehensive maintenance plans ensure buses are available for service when duty calls every morning.  With RATP Dev, you’ll gain one of the most skilled maintenance teams in the industry.  Many of our maintenance teams consistently win state and national Maintenance Roadeo titles—prestigious accolades in the transit industry. RATP Dev takes a “preemptive” preventative maintenance approach in all operations and brings this strategic expertise to every agency.


Train Up

RATP Dev’s success in training bus operators, dispatchers, maintenance teams, and road supervisors, is a critical component of our management approach, which is consistently updated as modern technologies and processes are introduced. RATP Dev brings international and local experience and knowledge in operation and maintenance of revenue vehicles, facility/ equipment - along with computer (hardware/software) technological expertise, and proven customer relations strategies supported by the best training practices from around the world.  


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